11. FY22 Budget Update

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Strategic Priority
Reason for Consideration
Graduates Prepared for Work, Higher Education and Citizenship
Excellent Educators
   Healthy, Safe and Responsible Students
Operations and Support

Finance Officer Gabi Juba will present an expenditure report and two year-end budget amendments for fiscal year 2021-2022 (see attached).  She will answer any questions you may have.
A motion is in order to approve the budget amendments for the State Public School Fund and the Local Current Expense Fund as presented.
Ms. Juba will also present four applications for state lottery funds to address the following capital needs (see attached):
“Transylvania County Board of Education is requesting that the Transylvania County Board of Commissioners approve the attached lottery fund requests. This brings our lottery funds down to $44,341.84 and $30,280.21 in our lottery funds designated for repairs and renovations written into state law in FY22.  Once the lottery fund requests are approved, TCBOE requests the $200,000 allotted for BHS chiller as well as $20,000 from PFES K-1 Playground (they have fundraised $20,000 independently for this project) totaling $220,000, be moved to our capital repairs and replacement - system wide line, as this is a necessary line to upkeep the capital needs of our school district, and was reviewed at length at our last publicly recorded board meeting. TCBOE also requests that the $140,000 funded for BES air handlers and the $105,000 funded for BMS air handlers and boiler be moved to the RHS roof replacement project totaling $240,000 as this is a necessary repair that is not in an area of the building affected by the bond project. These transfers do not cover the roof repair at RMS for $150,000 that is necessary to fix a current leak that is not in an area to be fixed by the bond project.  We are depleting all of our other options so our capital needs can be met, so we cannot see a way to fund this project on our own.”
A motion (or motions) is in order to approve the four applications for North Carolina Education Lottery funds as presented.
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