10. Approval of Purchase of Metal Structure for RHS

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Strategic Priority
Reason for Consideration
Graduates Prepared for Work, Higher Education and Citizenship
Excellent Educators
   Healthy, Safe and Responsible Students
Operations and Support

As discussed at the June 20 meeting, the board has purchased the former Paul’s Quick Service property in Rosman in order to construct a metal, multi-use building for the Rosman High School athletics program.  The old Paul’s building will be torn down.  Attached is a memorandum from Director Alan Justice, the total anticipated budget for the project, and the low bid from Champion Buildings, Inc., for the metal structure.  Dr. McDaris and Supervisor Jason Merrill will answer any questions you may have.    
A motion is in order to approve Champion Buildings, Inc., as the low bidder in the amount of $70,000 for a metal structure to be constructed for the benefit of Rosman High School as presented by the administration, subject to final legal review of all contract documents.
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