06. Technology Purchase

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Strategic Priority
Reason for Consideration
Graduates Prepared for Work, Higher Education and Citizenship
Excellent Educators
   Healthy, Safe and Responsible Students
Operations and Support
Director Chris Whitlock will present a request to purchase 275 Chromebooks within the district’s four-year rotation to replace students devices at Brevard High School.  In May, the board approved a purchase of 500 Chromebooks for BHS.  This purchase will complete the remainder of the Chromebooks needed for BHS this year.  The purchase will be made through a federal TIPS contract; therefore, an RFP is not required.  Board approval is required for purchases in excess of $90,000. The quote from Trafera is attached.  Mr. Whitlock will answer any questions you may have.
A motion is in order to approve the purchase of 275 Chromebooks from Trafera in the amount of $110,673.06, pending review and approval by the board attorney.
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